Meeting in a Box (Aug)

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May 21, 2020

Deliver the Best Experience Every Time

Let's examine a few strategies to enhance the delivery experience

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First, name a few reviews / features

What are the most important features to review with your customer?

Smart Key
Apple CarPlay / Andrioid Auto
Bluetooth Connection
Write down your top 5!


What are the features you believe your average customer is 100% comfortable with before delivery?

Child Locks
Voice Commands
Cruise Control / Radar Cruise
Hazard Lights
Headlights including Daytime Running Lights
Parking Sensors
Headrest Removal
Bluetooth Pairing

Up to 70% are not confident they could connect their phone to the car’s speakers to play music.

Most people have a lot to learn about their new vehicle! A few resources you could use to help them get more familiar:

• Quick reference guide
• Engage App (Toyota)
Kia Manuals
Nissan Owners
Toyota How-To Videos

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