The secret to closing more sales: effective texting

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May 21, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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The secret to closing more sales: effective texting

Rule 1) Text using eLeads

  • This will keep you organized with ALL contact history accessible in the customer record
  • It’s the only way to be TCPA compliant: you need an “opt-in” with STOP option. Fines for violating are $500-$1,500 PER TEXT SENT

Rule 2) Customize Your Texts

People like to do business with people, so don’t rely on the eLead auto text. Customize for a better result!

Invite conversation by:

  • Personalizing it using the customer’s first name
    • Referencing the specific vehicle
    • Having a human tone
    • Saying something positive like “Great choice”
    • Including a short video
    • Utilizing GIFs when appropriate


 “Hi David, great choice in the Telluride! We have a few that just came in, do you have an available minute to chat? – Laura @ Fred Anderson Kia”

“Thanks for requesting more information on the Tundra, Aaron! Are you looking for the 2 or 4WD? – Laura Reynes @ Fred Anderson Toyota of Asheville”

98% Text Message Open Rate

45% Sales Response Rate

  90 Seconds Text Response Time

40% Higher Text Marketing Conversions

 “Hey Andrew! It is Victoria @ Fred Anderson Toyota of Charleston. I wanted to check in to see how I can help. Are you still considering trading out of the RS?”

(Engagement replaces the “reply YES.” + eLeads will always add “STOP” messaging)

Rule 3) PERFECT your text-timing

Send a text when they’re most likely to engage:

  • While you’re on the phone with a customer
    “I’m going to text you, let me know you receive it..”
  • When you haven’t received ANY response
    “Gary, taking another avenue to speak with you. Are you still looking for the right Optima?”
  • While they’re in the showroom
    “Here let me send you my info and some details..”
  • Before their appointment
    “Hi Billy, Laura here from Fred Anderson Nissan confirming our appointment to look at the 2020 Rogue SV. I look forward to seeing you @ 2pm today! Here’s a link you can click to navigate..” +PICTURE
  • After the sale
    “I left you a message but just want to ensure everything is going great with your new..”
    “I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review about your experience with me here: …”

Rule 4) Use your tools

The eLead CRM Mobile App will allow you to view, send, and receive texts in real time when you’re not by a desktop computer.

The eLEad CRM Mobile App (Deal Builder) is NEW


Delivering the best experience every time means communicating with customers the way they’d like, and that’s not always texting.

Add texting into your sales and follow up strategy but understand NOTHING replaces emails and phone calls.

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